Coaching in English language

Coaching in person or by video conference for professional and private life themes

Everything is possible, open up for new things and a harmonious life!

I offer you an individual coaching for your needs

What is coaching good for?

If you are unhappy and you don’t really know why

If there are many uncertainties in your life and you don’t really know what is going onif you feel stressed or burned out

if you cannot enjoy your successes and can’t switch off

if you feel weak or you have many fears

if you want to step out of the hamster wheel of habits

if you don’t like taking decisions or you avoid conflicts

if you wish to integrate your head and heart into your daily decision making

if you need to guide difficult people or groups

if stress is overwhelming, and you live a hectic life

If you don’t have goals and you are constantly unsatisfied !

Professional Coaching helps to overcome some of these difficulties

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