Helpies (English) – Coming soon!

Ina’s HELPIES are translated into English and a hand-made edition is available.
If you like to order them, please send me an e-mail and I will inform you when I can send them to you and how much the postage to the place where you live will be.
Ina’s HELPIES for empathetic communication, this set of cards in a very practical tin box, wishes to accompany you in your daily routine.
We wish to help you in difficult situationes and to be a resource when trouble arises.
We wish to invite you to walk on a new path.
Ina’s HELPIES remind you of what you learned already in a course on Non-Violent Communication. The cards may help you when attending an advanced course.
Each card handles one subject – often with examples of your daily life.
Subjects: The four steps: observation, feelings, needs, requests, empathy and self-empathy, active listening, saying NO, giving feedback, dealing with my anger, to change old beliefs into positive affirmations, my self-worth and my inner team.
Ina’s HELPIES are an ideal material for all participants and for trainers of Non-Violent Communication.
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